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Yang Qian



1959 Born, Chengdu, China.

1982 -1984 Instructor at Sichuan Fine Art Institute. Chongqin, China.

1999 -2001 Guest Professor at Sichuan University. Chengdu, China.


1985 -1988 Master’s Degree of Fine Arts, University of Florida

1978 -1982 Bachelor’s Degree of Arts, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Chongqing, P.R. China


2005 Michael Berger Gallery, ‘New Paintings by Yang Qian’

2003 ‘Ping Yao International Photography Art Festival’ Ping Yao

2000 Knox Gallery Qian Yang, ‘New Works’, Naples, FL.

1999 ‘Adamar Fine Art New Paintings’, Miami, FL.

1997 Gallery 456 ‘Reflections’ New York, NY.

1995 David Wolf Gallery: ‘New Works by Qian Yang’ New York, NY.

1994 Suffolk Community College: ‘Qian Yang Paintings & Drawings’, Selden, NY.

1993 Jamaica Arts Center: ‘Reality and Illusion’, New York, NY.

1992 Hanson Gallery: ‘Recent Paintings by Qian Yang’, New York, NY.

1991 808 Penn Gallery:’ A Dialogue with Time’, Pittsburgh, PA.

1991 Patricia Judith Gallery: ‘Classical Variations’, Boca Raton, FL.

1990 Patricia Judith Gallery: ‘Neo-Classical Interpretation’, Boca Raton, FL.

1989 Patricia Judith Gallery: ‘Recent Paintings by Qian Yang’, Boca Raton, FL.

1988 University of Florida: ‘Tangible and Intangible’, Gainesville, FL.

1998 Cornwall Gallery: ‘New Paintings of Qian Yang’, New York, NY.


2005 Prague Biennale 2; ‘Expanded Painting’. Prague, Czech

2005 Chengdu Biennale; Chengdu Museum of Modern Art. Chengdu

2005 Shenzhen Sculpture Academy; ‘On Going’, Shen Zhen

2005 Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio in Bologna

2005 ‘China Contemporary Painting’. Bologna Italy

2005 Art Now Gallery, ‘Cloud Rain Beijing’

2004 Courtyard Gallery, ‘Posers Beijing’

2004 Olympic Art Car Exhibition ‘Speed Beijing’

2004 Francois Mitterrand Culture Center, ‘Forbidden Senses’ Perigueux, France

2004 Marella Arte Contemmporanea ‘New Perspective in Chinese Painting’ Milan, Italy

2004 FIAC International Art Exposition. Paris

2004 Luis Serpa Gallery, ‘Sublime Audacity-he Stroller Experiences’ Lisbon

2004 Beijing Seasons Gallery, Hua Jia Beijing

2004 Art Seasons Gallery Hua Jia Di Singapore

2004 Courtyard Gallery, ‘Me, Me, Me’ Beijing

2004 Beijing Seasons Gallery, ’China Photographic Painting’ Beijing

2004 Vanessa Art Gallery, ‘China Avant Garde’ Jakarta Indonesia

2003 Shanghai Duo land Museum of Modern Art, ‘Open Sky Shanghai’

2003 Museum Kunst Palast Dusseldorf, Grosse Kunst Ausstellung Duesseldorf Germany

2003 Art Seasons Gallery, ‘Urban Illusion and Perception’ Singapore

2003 Courtyard Gallery, ‘Summer Invitational Exhibition’ Beijing

2003 FIAC International Art Exposition, Paris

2003 Galerie Veronique Maxe- Albert Benamou, ‘Femmes de Chine’ Paris

2002 Nan Jing Art Museum ‘Day Dream’ Nan Jing, China

2002 Ping Yao International Photography Exhibition ‘Daily Attitude’ Ping Yao, China

2002 Art Museum of Sichuan Fine Art Institute; ‘Invitational Exhibition for 77and 78’ Chongqing

2001 Hong Kong Art Commune ‘Unusual and Usual’ Hong Kong

2001 Shanghai Paragold Int’l Art Center ‘Chinese Plan: Rotate 360’Shanghai, China

2000 Yuan Gong Museum: ‘Unusual And Usual, Contemporary Art Exhibition Shanghai, China.

2000 Museum of Modern Art: ‘Door Through the Century’; National Art Exhibition Chengdu

1999 Monique Goldstrum Gallery: ‘Surrealism’ New York, NY.

1998 Center of Contemporary Art: Figurative Art in 90’ Houston, TX

1998 Vanderbuilt Museum: ‘Art at the End of the Century’ Long Island, NY.

1997 Center For Contemporary Art: ‘New Form’, New Artist Minneapolis, MS

1997 Walter Wickiser Gallery: ‘Figurative Paintings in New York’ New York, NY

1997 IDA Gallery/York University: ‘China Turns Ontario’, Canada.

1995 University Gallery:’Group Show’, Gainesville, FL.

1994 Nassau Community College: ‘Figuration’, Garden City, NY.

1994 Adamar Fine Arts: ‘The study of The Female Form’, Miami, FL

1994 Graduate Center, City University of New York: ‘New Expression in Asian American Art’, New York, NY.

1992 Mexico-Arte ‘China June 4th’, 1989 Austin, TX. (Traveling to Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, OH.)

1992 St. John’s University: ‘Spectrum of Modern Chinese Painting’, New York, NY.

1992 Graduate Center, City University of New York: ‘Friends of Lin Lin’, New York, NY.

1991 University Art Gallery, San Diego State University:’Chinese Art Meets West’, San Diego, CA.

1991 Founders Gallery, University of San Diego: ‘Second Spring’, San Diego, CA.

1991 Sally Hawkings Gallery: ‘The Last Picture Show’, New York, NY.

1990 PS1 Museum: ‘China June 4th’, New York, NY.

1990 Access Gallery: ‘Gallery Artist Show’, New York, NY.

1990 The Clock Tower Gallery: ‘The Public Mirror’, New York, NY.

1989 Blum Helman Warehouse: ‘China June 4th’, New York, NY.

1987 Sarah Lawrence College: ‘Artists from China-New Expression’, Bronxville, NY.

1987 Chinese Institute: ‘Chinese Overseas Artist United Show’, Boston, MA.

1987 Harkness House: ‘Contemporary Oil Paintings from the People’s Republic of China’, New York, NY.


National Museum of Art, Beijing, China.

Museum of Art, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Chongqing, China.

University of Florida, Gainesville, FL.

Santa Fe Community College Art Gallery, Gainesville, FL.

Georgia Museum of Art, Athens, GA

IBM International Corp. New York.

New Era of Networks Corp. Englewood, CO

Bell Atlantic Corp. Hicksville, NY.

The Chase Manhattan Bank, New Hyde Park, NY.

Hang Seng Bank, Hong Kong.

Annie Wong Art Foundation, Hong Kong.

Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio in Bologna, Italy.

Additional Information:
Born: China, 1959

Associated Exhibitions
Art: East Meets West
September 5 - November 14, 2009
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April 1 - June 28, 2008
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