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"Objects": Thomas Nozkowski and Robert Mangold
Objects: An Installation
November 23, 2002 - January 26, 2003
_Objects__ An installation

Artists Featured in Exhibition
Thomas Nozkowski
Thomas Nozkowski has been described as a “post-minimal formalist,” by LA Weekly and as “the Chardin of contemporary abstraction,” by The New Yorker. His painting and composition involve the interplay of biomorphic and geometric forms, which heave and rock against each other.

All works are coded by number, purposely not titled. The abstract forms, without portraying the real objects in the artist's memory from which they spring, capture the viewer's imagination. Though buoyant and airy, and occasionally whimsical, they have weight and that comes from meaningful content.

Robert Mangold
Abstraction in an idea, geometry is not," says Robert Mangold. Magold has never regarded geometry as anything more than a means to an end and refuses to give his work the material presence of a formal historical or political theme. The purposeful absence of contextual information is a trait he shares with Thomas Nozkowski.

Gerald Giamportone

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